1. It’s time to end the negative stigma against sex workers. My body, my choice. Why is this still an issue?

2. We’d like to spark a dialogue about consent. Sex workers have, as all people have, the right to say no. They also have the right to legal recourse in the case of harassment – a right that most sex workers are afraid to exercise or pursue. Why? See #1.

3. There are a lot of movies about strippers, but not many (if any) written by, directed by, and acted in by a former stripper. We have an authentic voice.

4. We have privilege, but many people don't. We are fortunate to have many privileges afforded to us in this life that allow us to be able to make this film. We’d like to use our privilege to shed some light on the stories of those who don’t or can’t share their on.

5. It’s a good script! Professional script readers at BlueCat Screenplay Competitionb> and the Slamdance Film Festival said so. And they should know.

6. Women make Movies! But are highly underrepresented in Hollywood. Only 2% of the films coming out of Hollywood are directed by women. Women make up only 23% of crew members on the 2,000 highest grossing films of the past 20 years. Of all the departments, the Camera and Electrical department is the most male, with only 5% women. There has been no improvement in the last 20 years. The percentage of female crew members has decreased between 1994 (22.7%) and 2013 (21.8%). By employing an ALL-FEMALE crew, we are creating opportunities for fierce women to do what they do.